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Albright’s Firearm Service LLC also sells commercially manufactured firearms and custom tools.  Please inquire about rates and availability.


Per man-hour @ the bench 68.00
Per man and machine-hour 90.00
Written appraisals/estimates 25.00 (10) 3.50 per gun over 10
Test fire customer’s gun (doesn’t include the price of ammo) 2.75 rimfire    5.50 centerfire
Check headspace (average) 30.00
Make a chamber cast 40.00
Convert Remington fire control assembly to left hand safety 55.00
Other safety conversions hourly rate
Firearms transfers (per firearm) Handguns @ 35.00 and long guns @ 25.00
Solder on sights, barrel bands, rib repairs etc. etc hourly rate
Remove stuck case from chamber, pull ML ball, broken ram rod,  etc hourly rate
Remove live round from chamber 35.00 minimum
Custom built firearms, tools, accessories, obsolete parts and special springs time and material
Metal checkering or Stippling hourly rate
SAFETY NOTE: Headspace is one of the most critical measurements of each firearm.  Albright’s Firearm Service LLC reserves the right to check headspace on any gun, especially older guns, surplus military guns or any firearm where major action component parts were replaced or serviced.  If Albright’s Firearm Service LLC finds any firearm out of headspace or unserviceable for any reason we reserve the right to immediately disable the firearm. Hardness testing and or reheat treating may be necessary before rebarreling/rechambering any military type action.  Albright’s Firearm Service is not responsible for any receiver damage during barrel removal or installation.  We use proven and proper techniques for rebarreling all makes and models.  Several hard military actions have been known to crack or break while being serviced. Some military bolt lugs also have been known to have stress cracks. 



Our cleaning services consist of complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection for worn or damaged parts, then properly lubricated and reassembled.  If worn or damaged parts are found the customer will be contacted and advised.  Firearms in for cleaning will not be test fired unless this weapon was initially brought in for a malfunction problem.
Levers, pumps and most semi-autos 65.00
Revolvers (Cap and ball add 10.00) 50.00
True bench rest rifles and high grade single and double guns 80.00
Win 11 & 97, any long recoil type (auto 5, Sav 750s, Franchi 48s, Rem 11s and 8/81s) add 15.00
Standard bolt actions, muzzle loaders, low grade single and double guns 50.00




Machine front or rear barrel dovetail 40.00
Machine receiver for 3/8 inch tip off mounts (rim fire only) 55.00
Drilling/tapping/machining set-up charge 12.00 minimum
Drilling & tapping per hole (average firearm) 13.00
Drilling & tapping hard receivers per hole (Springfields, Enfields, Mini 14s, Sav 99s etc) 15.00
Pattern shotgun (does not include ammo or targets) 35.00
Sight-in rifle/handgun/slug gun (does not include ammo or targets) 45.00
Scope mounting (includes bore sighting) 37.50
Bore sighting only 15.00
Reaming and lap steel scope rings(aligns rings and reduces stress on scope tube) 25.00
Install receiver/tang sight (already drilled and tapped) 22.50
Install threaded mid or front bead 25.00 (includes set up charge)
Install threaded mid or front bead already drilled and tapped.  Install plug type mid bead. 10.50


Machine slide for electronic sight 125.00 (average)
Install direct replacement push in sights 35.00 (average) Springfields, Kimbers and some Smith & Wessons are 10.00 more



Recrowning most bolt actions RF/CF 55.00    Ruger MKII rifles add 25.00
Recrowning other than bolt action, RF/CF add 25.00
Cut off before recrown add 20.00
Install aftermarket trigger and adjustment (for Timney,Shilen, Moyers etc) 55.00 (average) stock inletting is extra
Convert to cock on open for 14/17 Enfields and small ring Mausers 125.00 (average)
Install aftermarket safeties (Gentry, Dakota, Mod 70 type etc) hourly rate
Chapman safety 140.00
Mark II, Buhler types 45.00
Jewel bolt (port area only 45.00) 80.00 (complete bolt body)
Jewel claw extractor 35.00
Jewel follower 55.00
Weld on new bolt handle 125.00
Forge bolt handle 75.00
Machine Mod 700 for Sako style extractor 125.00
Blueprinting (includes recutting receiver threads, squaring front ring, lapping lugs and truing bolt face) 225.00 (average)
Install custom bolt knob 100.00 (average)
Recontour military actions hourly rate
Install muzzle brake most bolt actions 90.00 (average). Ruger MkIIs and none bolt guns add 25.00
Thread, chamber and headspace new barrel 275.00 (average) Springfields and pre 64 model 70s add 25.00
Profile barrel blank Hourly rate
Install commercially pre-threaded and short chambered barrel 195.00 (average)
Fluting barrel (straight only) 175.00 (average for six 1/8″ wide flutes). 
Fluting bolts 65.00 (average)
Barrel relining rim fire 95.00 to 150.00
Barrel relining low pressure center fire 350.00 to 450.00


Install screw in TRU-CHOKE choke tubes 12/20 single non plated barrel 150.00
Install screw in TRU-CHOKE choke tubes 12/20 in double barrel guns 250.00
Install screw in TRU-CHOKE choke tubes 12/20 in Plated barrel bores add 35.00 per bore
Barrel porting per bore 125.00
Cut/crown and reinstall bead, single barrel 65.00
Cut/crown and reinstall bead, double barrel 95.00
Remove stuck choke tube (usually ruins tube) 50.00 (average)
Install Poly Choke rib 165.00
Lengthen forcing cone, non plated bore 55.00
Lengthen chamber to 3 inch if possible (parts extra) 85.00 
Lengthen chamber to 2 ¾ on prewar break action shotguns 65.00 (single barrel) 90.00 (double barrels)
Convert early Mod 97s, 12s and Auto 5s to 2 ¾ inch 145.00 (average)
Back bore non plated barrel at .005 increments hourly rate
Polish chamber and bore 45.00
Raise barrel or rib dents (at customer’s risk) 55.00 (average)
Straighten barrel (at customer’s risk) 90.00 (average)
Mono block job, custom sleeving, rim recess and rib repairs hourly rate
Open fixed choke to customer’s specs (65.00) or choke tube only 24.50


Machine for easy ball start 50.00
Forge hammer spur for scope clearance 35.00
Trigger work 45.00



Revolver or semi auto action job 125.00 (average)
Correct revolver timing (quaility guns only) 85.00 (plus parts)
Rebarrel 95.00 to 160.00 (average)
Remove/modify hammer spur 45.00
Straighten revolver crane 35.00
Install revolver crane lock system 75.00
Tighten 1911 style slide 110.00 (average)
Fit new barrel bushing 65.00
Bevel magazine well (welded type) 125.00 (average)
Lower and flare ejection port 70.00
Polish feed ramp 45.00
Install ambidextrous safety 45.00
Mill slide for RMR(red dot sight) 125.00
Mill additional cocking grooves in slide 90.00 (average)
Mill slide for Novak type rear sight 85.00  for BoMar style add 30.00
Mill slide for dovetail front sight 55.00
Install stake on type front sight 45.00
Install extended magazine release 30.00
Modify frame for beavertail grip safety 100.00 average
Dehorn and break sharp edges 75.00 average
Install barrel compensator hourly rate


When cutting off stocks we use carbide tipped blades and have had good luck with them.  We protect the stock finish during this service the best we can.  Occasionally with exceptionally hard finishes or poor grades of wood we have experienced minor chipping and pullouts. If chipping or pullouts occur we can either repair the damage or refinish the stock per customer’s direction.  Chipping can also occur while drilling into these same types of stock for swivel studs and other furniture. This additional labor will be billed to the customer.  
Install Uncle Mikes type swivels 35.00
Fit, grind and install  straight butt plate or recoil pad 45.00
Shorten or lengthen stock hourly rate
curved butt plate/pad hourly rate
Install adjustable plate/pad 90.00
Install leather covered pad 250.00
Install adjustable comb hardware 195.00
Glass bed barreled action, barrel free floated (additional charge for Winchester 70, Rem model 7 type rear tang mortises.)
average 75.00
Pillar bed action, barrel free floated       Win. mod 70 and Rem. mod 788 extra. average 110.00
Install semi inletted blank average 150.00
Recut checkering hourly rate
Stock refinishing:  
Several grades to choose from; hand rubbed oil finishes to sprayed on high gloss.  Camo and special paint schemes available for fiberglass and composite stocks. Install recoil reducer (depends on manufacturer) hourly rate
Custom Stocks time and stock grade


Firearms brought in for refinishing that are in rough condition will need extra handwork prior to bluing/browning etc. Headspace will also be checked on any firearm in poor condition. In some cases all damage cannot be removed before refinishing. We also offer Cerakote finishes, Teflon Coating, Electroless Nickel, Nitre Bluing and Gold Plating (for small parts) Turn-a-round time depends on volume and time of year. If your firearm is plated, it must be stripped before it can be refinished. This would be an additional charge. 
Hot blue (standard factory finish) most rifles, shotguns and handguns 295.00 (average)
Hot blue or Parkerized (hunters dull finish) rifles, shotguns and handguns 240.00 (average)
Traditional rust bluing (complete commercially manufactured non double barreled guns) starting at 380.00
Muzzle loader barrels rust blued or browned starting at 180.00
Rust blue complete high grade single and double barrel guns 450.00 (average)
Rust blue high grade double barrel set only 350.00 (average)

 Cerakote Pricing 

Cerakote prices below do not include disassembly or reassembly or any custom mixed color.  FIREARMS MUST BE CLEAN BEFORE ANY CERAKOTE WORK CAN BE STARTED. We can Cerakote almost anything.  (i.e. car, motorcycle, ATV/UTV parts, Yeti cups, golf clubs, hand tools, etc)  Please call or email with any inquiries.

1 color long gun 190.00 (average)  add $50.00 for stock(s)
1 color handgun with 1 magazine 155.00 (average) add 15.00 for take off grips
Additional colors (non stencil) add 35.00 per color(guns), 20.00 for knives
3 color camo pattern (standard stencils) add 85.00 for most guns.  Small digital type patterns average 150.00 extra.
Theme guns (distressed, battle worn, etc) start at 265.00
AR stripped lowers, most rifle and shotgun receivers 55.00
AR stripped uppers, most rifle and shotgun barrels 65.00
Handgun frame or slide only 60.00
High gloss or Matte clear coat 50.00 average
Long gun and handgun controls (triggers, levers, buttons, 0p handles, rings, bases) 5.00 to 7.50 each (average)
Magazines bodies 15.00 one color, 20.00 two color
AR type handguards only 25.00 (< 10″),  30.00 (>10″)  Quad guards are an additional 15.00 plus above rate.
AR type buttstocks 35.00 fixed, 55.00 collapsable average
1 & 2 piece wood or composite type stocks 70.00 for 1 color (C series Cerakote only)
Scopes and electronic sight bodies 65.00 for 1 color (C series Cerakote only)
fixed blade knife or bayone 35.00 one color  Folding knives add 30.00
Micro slick bolts and bolt heads 35.00 (average) AR bolt carriers add 15.00
Disassembly 1.00 per minute average (20.00 minimum)
Reassembly 1.50 per minute average (30.00 minimum)
Heavily fouled or rusty guns add 25.00 – 45.00 average






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